Mezze-maniche rigate

(Half-size rigatoni pasta)


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Quintessentially Italian, pasta embodies each and every part of Italy. Each region, town, village, and even household makes its pasta into unique shapes, sizes, flavours and colours which best suit their favoured sauce. Shape, size, cut, texture, and bite all affect how it combines with the sauce and, ultimately, the overall flavour of the finished pasta dish.


I have especially selected several unique and different pasta shapes and flavours to create my range of Artisan pasta. These include types such as fusilli, orecchiette, and mezze-maniche rigate which combine beautifully with my homemade authentic sauces. I have also included flavoured pasta types, such as chilli, porcini mushroom, and for the adventurous, nero di seppia (squid ink) within the range.


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Ingredients & Allergy advice:

Durum wheat semolina (100%)

Contains wheat

Short tubes that are slightly ridged to help it combine beautifully with a lighter style of sauce such as my sugo arrabbiata. I particularly like this pasta-sauce combination because the chunks of vegetables and sauce expertly fill the centre of the tubes.


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